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Previews take place at my home office in Hampstead, NC.  It is located in the Sloop Point area of Hampstead, which is less than 15 minutes outside of Wilmington.

Communication is key, so speak up at your preview.  Remember, a preview is like a rough draft that can be changed and edited until we find the look you want.

Please bring anything that may help us better envision the look you desire: photos, magazine clippings, your wedding gown, flowers, etc.  Any accessories that you want to use on the wedding day should be made available at the preview (veil, jewels, flowers, etc).

Previews take 1-2 hours.  I recommend that the preview take place at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding day, but earlier is always better.
Previews are not scheduled until deposit is received, as wedding dates are reserved & removed from the market once the preview is scheduled (and thus unavailable to other brides).  There is no exceptions.


Curly, straight, up-do, or down, I will sweep your locks in the perfect do for you.  I take care to account for the different face shapes and bone structures of each client, tailoring each style to compliment your personal taste and facial features.  I know exactly what to do so that your hair remains fresh and in place throughout your entire event.

Hair is best for styling when it’s washed and blow dryed the night before and is free of all styling products.  Every client must arrive with hair completely dry.  Hair styling typically takes about 30 minutes per person, 45+ minutes for the bride.

I specialize in all hair types, lengths, and textures, regardless of ethnicity and chemical enhancements.


I’ll smooth away your blemishes, brighten up your eyes, plump up your lips, and make your face dazzle. I am proud to use all MAC cosmetics to make our brides look their very best from the photos and vows, to the cake and the dancing.

I offer both traditional and airbrush makeup.  Traditional makeup is liquid and applied with a brush.  It feels heavier when first applied, but dries to a lightweight feel, and has great staying power.  It is water resistant and blends back into place easily if smudged by tears or sweat.  It can be applied in light to full coverage.  There is no additional fee for traditional makeup.

Airbrush makeup is applied with a compressor.  The makeup is sprayed out in a very fine mist.  The mist of makeup settles on top of your skin, instead of rubbing into it, so it doesn’t exaggerate pores and is healthier for your skin.  It can also be applied in light to full coverage and is highly water resistant.   There is an additional fee for airbrush makeup, per person.  Airbrush makeup can also be used to cover varicose veins and tattoos.  The coverage will not transfer or smudge.

The easiest way to visualize the difference between traditional and airbrush makeup, is to imagine the paint on a car.  Airbrush  makeup is applied with a miniature version of a the compressor used to paint cars.  The finished look is smooth, flawless, and completely natural looking, without streaks or a heavy finish.

Both types have their places, although, I think airbrush is the best for weddings and long events, or things where you will be photographed a great deal.

 I always use shades that compliment your specific skin tone and style.

Individual false lashes are included with every makeup application, excluding the preview.

Each client must provide their own black, waterproof mascara.

Makeup typically takes 20-30 minutes per person, and 45+ minutes for the bride.


To really make your peepers pop, I include false lashes with every makeup application.  I use individual lashes, which allow more control over placement and shape, giving you a more natural look without the worry of a falsie slipping off.


It’s the biggest day of your life, and I am here to help make it a joy to remember instead of a stressful preparation.  I always suggest that a bride book a preview to make the wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

I typically style the bride second to last, to ensure that her look is the most fresh, but she never feels rushed or pressed for time.  It generally takes 45 minutes per service for the bride, but timing varies depending on the style, hair length, if extensions are used, etc.  Timing is determined during the preview.

The bride is provided with a touchup kit to keep her fresh and prepared for emergencies (when she books hair and makeup, and a full preview).   This kit includes the MAC Pro Longwear lip colour chosen during your preview, bobby pins, miniature hairspray, hair ties, q-tips, oil blotting tissues, and more.


The bride and groom aren’t the only ones going down in history.  The photographs of the bridal party will be hanging on walls, placed in picture frames, and glued into scrapbooks, for hundreds of eyes to see.  The bridesmaids, moms, and flower girls should be able to shine as well.  Bridesmaids and moms typically take 25-30 minutes per service.  Flower girls typically take 15-20 minutes.

Every makeup application and hair style is age appropriate.


You don’t need to have a wedding to get glammed up!  Enchanting Looks can style you for prom parties, dances, photo shoots, special events, and more.



Keep your look fresh throughout all kissing, dancing, and eating.  The Enchanting Looks Touch Up Kit allows you easy access to everything necessary to maintain your look throughout your wedding day, as well as a quick fix to most emergency situations.  The kit includes:

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour (in the shade chosen during your preview).  It also includes oil absorbing blotting tissues, miniature hairspray, bobby pins, nail file, mints, and a comb, all put together in a neat little cosmetic case for your convenience.

The Touch-Up Kit is included complimentary for all brides who receive both hair and make-up styling, along with a full preview.